Yalobusha County Cemeteries

Please submit your cemetery records and updates for researchers to share. Send your information to: msghn@outlook.com

If you know of a cemetery in the county that is not on our list, please let us know.

Adams Cemetery 340115N 0893902W
Arimount Cemetery 335739N 0893105W
Austin Cemetery 340751N 0894222W
Bailey Cemetery 335853N 0894216W
Benson Cemetery 340648N 0894847W
Berry Cemetery 340743N 0894123W
Bethel Cemetery 340653N 0893700W
Bethlehem Cemetery 340338N 0893953W
Big Springs Cemetery 340819N 0894229W
Brooms Cemetery 335833N 0893727W
Brooms Cemetery 335917N 0893939W
Brower Cemetery 340400N 0893426W
Brown Cemetery 340809N 0893321W
Brown Cemetery 340150N 0895508W
Buntin Cemetery 335932N 0894105W
Carr Cemeteries 340216N 0895240W
Cedar Grove Cemetery 340009N 0893853W
Clear Springs Cemetery 335316N 0893724W
Cook Cemetery 340045N 0895352W
Davis Cemetery unknown unknown
Dividing Ridge Cemetery 335332N 0893138W
Duke Cemetery 340734N 0895457W
Elam Cemetery 335713N 0893755W
Elm Grove Cemetery 335530N 0893543W
Fords Cemetery 340655N 0894755W
Gilmore Cemetery 340644N 0893859W
Gimble Cemetery 340054N 0894415W
Goshen Cemetery 340159N 0894533W
Green Goshen Cemetery 340310N 0894414W
Guess Cemetery 340222N 0895034W
Hairston Cemetery 335645N 0894026W
Hamblet Cemetery 335654N 0893210W
Harbor Cemetery 335953N 0893713W
Hardeman Cemetery 335340N 0894359W
Harris Cemetery 340419N 0894401W
Haven Hill Cemetery 335810N 0893440W
Hervey Cemetery 340529N 0893910W
Hopewell Cemetery 340237N 0893621W
Hopewell Cemetery 335804N 0894329W
Hubbard Cemetery 340946N 0894913W
Humphreys Cemetery 341104N 0893351W
Jackson Cemetery 340442N 0895329W
Jehovah Cemetery 335751N 0894858W
Johnson Cemeteries 340423N 0893902W
Jones Cemetery 335451N 0893109W
Lesters Cemetery 340004N 0895413W
Long Branch Cemetery 340458N 0894630W
Macedonia Cemetery 340419N 0893437W
Meggs Cemetery 340027N 0893140W
Moore Cemetery 340732N 0894003W
Mount Gilead Cemetery 340323N 0894019W
Mount Myra Cemetery 335331N 0894452W
New Hope Cemetery 335643N 0893303W
Oak Ridge Cemetery 340918N 0893642W
Palestine Cemetery 341058N 0893533W
Parrish Henderson Cemetery 340458N 0895457W
Pine Grove Cemetery 335217N 0893423W
Pine Grove Cemetery 335950N 0895519W
Pine Spring Cemetery 340927N 0894216W
Piney Grove Cemetery 340417N 0893726W
Pipkin Cemetery 340310N 0894605W
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 335535N 0894226W
Rocky Mount Cemetery 340231N 0893756W
Saint Andrews Cemetery 340623N 0895200W
Salem Cemetery 340528N 0894517W
Sardinia Cemetery 340659N 0895036W
Sayles Cemetery 340301N 0895150W
Scobey Cemetery 335630N 0895204W
Shiloh Cemetery 340207N 0894208W
Spring Hill Cemetery 340725N 0894622W
Stephons Cemetery 335211N 0894120W
Swearengen Cemetery 340159N 0895151W
Sylva Rena Cemetery 340728N 0894348W
Tabernacle Cemetery 340411N 0893141W
Union Cemetery 335943N 0895310W
Union Hill Cemetery 340539N 0894130W
Walton Cemetery 335332N 0894356W
Wilbourn Cemetery 335326N 0894423W
Williams Cemetery 335458N 0894325W
Wilson Cemetery 340620N 0893134W
Wyatt Chapel Cemetery 340732N 0893518W
Zion Grove Cemetery 340035N 0894720W