Yalobusha County Churches

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Airmount Church 335745N 0893105W
Basin Chapel 340832N 0894507W
Bethel Church 340655N 0893700W
Bethlehem Church 340340N 0893955W
Big Springs Church 340805N 0894247W
Brattons Chapel 335721N 0895016W
Camp Ground Church 341121N 0893844W
Cherry Grove Church 335435N 0895459W
Clear Springs Church 335316N 0893728W
Coffeeville First Baptist Church 335834N 0894025W
Dividing Ridge Church 335337N 0893137W
Elam Church 335712N 0893755W
Elm Grove Church 335530N 0893543W
Fords Well Church 340655N 0894755W
Gatewood Church 340013N 0894327W
Goshen Church 340159N 0894533W
Gray Rock Church 340020N 0893817W
Green Goshen Church 340311N 0894415W
Hamblet Church 335653N 0893100W
Haven Hill Church 335810N 0893440W
Hopewell Baptist Church 335740N 0894323W
Hopewell Church 340236N 0893619W
Humphreys Church 341101N 0893349W
Jehovah Church 335752N 0894858W
Locust Grove Church 340714N 0894635W
Masgrove Church 340144N 0895535W
Mount Gilead Church 340322N 0894017W
New Garner Church 335600N 0895135W
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church 335643N 0893303W
Oak Hill Church 335536N 0894707W
Oak Ridge Church 340806N 0894145W
Otoucalofa Church 340909N 0893314W
Palestine Church 341104N 0893534W
Paris Grove Church 340448N 0895431W
Persimmon Hill Church 340738N 0895450W
Philadelphia Church 340305N 0895019W
Pine Grove Church 335218N 0893423W
Pine Grove Church 335949N 0895520W
Piney Grove Church 340418N 0893726W
Pleasant Grove Church 335535N 0894226W
Preston Church 335604N 0895436W
Roberson Chapel 340655N 0895139W
Rocky Mount Church 340232N 0893759W
Saint Andrews Church 340622N 0895159W
Sand Hill Church 341026N 0893145W
Sanders Chapel 340730N 0893813W
Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church 340202N 0894207W
Silver Knoll Church 335911N 0894335W
Smiths Chapel 340140N 0894422W
Springhill Church 335629N 0894519W
Sweet Home Church 340536N 0895051W
Sylva Rena Church 340728N 0894348W
Tabernacle Church 340412N 0893142W
Union Hill Church 340533N 0894130W
Wayside Church 335521N 0895320W
York Church 335203N 0893925W
Zion Grove Church 340035N 0894729W