Yalobusha County Communities & Places

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Air Mount (historical) 335751N 0893110W
Benwood 335626N 0893057W
Blanche 340144N 0895450W
Bruce Junction 335752N 0894105W
Bryant 335532N 0894212W
Buck Hill (historical) 340353N 0894541W
California (historical) 340852N 0895320W
Camp Ground 341120N 0893840W
Coffeeville 335836N 0894032W
Fords Well (historical) 340653N 0894750W
Gatewood 335829N 0894552W
Gatewood (historical) 340033N 0894354W
Gums 335539N 0893744W
Gums Crossing 335438N 0893745W
Hatton (historical) 340525N 0894709W
Hatton Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Hendersonville (historical) 335615N 0894343W
Honey Cut (historical) 335650N 0893058W
Hubbard Creek 340943N 0895246W
Hyde 335545N 0893335W
Jones Creek (historical) 335325N 0893308W
Jones Mills (historical) 335505N 0893300W
Lakeside 340940N 0894831W
Leggo (historical) 340648N 0894750W
Leighton (historical) 335516N 0895050W
Long Branch 340805N 0895048W
McGees (historical) 340833N 0895014W
New Hope 335632N 0893304W
Oakachickan (historical) 335502N 0894230W
Oakland 340320N 0895459W
Palestine 341100N 0893537W
Persimmon Hill 340753N 0895410W
Pine Valley 340406N 0893113W
Pine Valley Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Plum Point 340940N 0895110W
Point Pleasant 340835N 0895014W
Post Oak (historical) 335553N 0893405W
Preston (historical) 335618N 0895443W
Ragsdale Stand Post Office (historical) 340952N 0893807W
Sardinia (historical) 340700N 0895030W
Scobey 335629N 0895157W
Spearman 335538N 0893536W
Spyglass Hill 340816N 0894716W
Tillatoba 335905N 0895348W
Torrance (historical) 335222N 0894417W
Torrance Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Turkey Creek 335315N 0894055W
Tyson 335602N 0893200W
Velma 340337N 0893840W
Wallace Creek 340937N 0895332W
Washington (historical) 341136N 0893750W
Water Valley 340905N 0893753W
Water Valley Landing 340857N 0894624W
Yocona Ridge 340801N 0895309W