Yalobusha County Rivers, Lakes & Streams

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Arimount Creek 335538N 0893014W
Bean Creek 340823N 0895341W
Billys Creek 340852N 0894658W
Browers Branch 340310N 0893434W
Bullpen Creek 335058N 0893536W
Burgess Creek 340858N 0895515W
Caney Creek 335451N 0893800W
Chesnut Lake 340109N 0894846W
Clark Creek 334922N 0893310W
Clear Springs Creek 335434N 0893844W
Coker Lake 340518N 0894814W
Coleman Creek 340254N 0893541W
Cool Branch 335802N 0894229W
Coulter Lake 340118N 0894900W
Cowpen Creek 334913N 0893542W
Curry Pond 335747N 0894729W
Cypress Creek 335353N 0894630W
Cypress Creek 335658N 0894110W
Davis Creek 335537N 0895624W
Dew Creek 340825N 0895118W
Dog Creek 335651N 0892914W
Dunavant Lake 340009N 0894539W
Durden Creek 335754N 0894023W
Enid Lake 340856N 0895422W
Erost Creek 340627N 0894935W
Glady Creek 335711N 0893430W
Good Branch 340843N 0894419W
Goodwin Creek 341408N 0893631W
Gordon Branch 340852N 0893300W
Greasy Creek 340810N 0893448W
Grenada Lake 334910N 0894625W
Hanna Creek 341000N 0893029W
Harper Creek 335537N 0895625W
Hitchcock Creek 340736N 0893452W
Hobuck Creek 341003N 0894410W
Horseshoe Lake 335919N 0894803W
Hurricane Creek 340120N 0893603W
Irrigation Lake 335922N 0894729W
Jackson Creek 340504N 0895437W
Jackson Lake 340151N 0895009W
Jew Branch 340025N 0893707W
Johnson Creek 340838N 0893903W
Jones Creek 340824N 0895228W
Jordan Lake 335857N 0894616W
Jordan Pond 335854N 0894709W
Kuykendall Creek 340458N 0895539W
Lake Tillatoba 335837N 0894922W
Little Creek 340312N 0900135W
Little Johnson Creek 340632N 0893750W
Long Branch 340833N 0895037W
Mill Creek 340947N 0893127W
Mill Pond Branch 340322N 0893533W
Mooney Creek 340936N 0894528W
Moore Creek 340854N 0893309W
Moreland Creek 340011N 0893750W
North Fork Tillatoba Creek 340012N 0900422W
Okachickima Creek 335504N 0894153W
Organ Creek 335427N 0894632W
Organ Lake 335707N 0894722W
Otoucalofa Creek 341036N 0894244W
Otoucalofa Creek Canal 340758N 0893706W
Pate Branch 335828N 0893654W
Perkins Lake 335829N 0894502W
Perry Creek 335007N 0894502W
Rowsey Creek 340946N 0894511W
Sand Creek 340951N 0893259W
Sarter Creek 340946N 0893040W
Saunders Creek 340358N 0893259W
Scurlock Lake 340140N 0894813W
Simmons Branch 340757N 0893510W
Simmons Creek 335655N 0895656W
Simpson Branch 340136N 0893417W
Simpson Creek 340545N 0894430W
Skuna River 335230N 0894240W
Spearman Creek 335441N 0893731W
Spring Creek 340907N 0893236W
Susie Perry Creek 340851N 0894012W
Swearengen Lake 340215N 0895118W
Swindell Creek 340925N 0894113W
Texas Lake 335533N 0894810W
Tillatoba Creek 340020N 0901100W
Tillatoba Creek 335940N 0895959W
Town Creek 340831N 0893838W
Turkey Creek 335335N 0894052W
Walker Lake 340120N 0894905W
Ware Branch 340333N 0893324W
Wilson Creek 341314N 0893841W
Y-19a-1 Lake 335854N 0894612W
Y-19a-2 Lake 335854N 0894612W
Y-19a-3 Lake 335830N 0894300W
Y-19c-1 Lake 335706N 0894718W
Y-19c-2 Lake 335706N 0894718W
Y-19c-3 Lake 335530N 0894818W
Yocona River 340927N 0900726W
Yocona River Canal 341052N 0894215W
York Creek 335423N 0893604W
Youngs Creek 335008N 0893259W