Yalobusha County Schools

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Airmount School (historical) 335746N 0893105W
Athens School (historical) 335739N 0894321W
Camp Ground School 341120N 0893843W
Clear Springs School (historical) 335316N 0893732W
Coffeeville Academy (historical) Unknown Unknown
Coffeeville Elementary School 335846N 0894035W
Coffeeville High School 335837N 0894028W
Coffeeville Male and Female Academy (historical) Unknown Unknown
Daily School 335628N 0894513W
Davidson School 340929N 0893718W
Jefferson Davis School 340733N 0893824W
Jehovah School 335750N 0894858W
Jones School 335349N 0893754W
Leggo School (historical) Unknown Unknown
Lick Branch School 340511N 0894837W
Locust Grove School 340714N 0894635W
Masgrove School 340143N 0895534W
Oak Grove School 340726N 0893345W
Oakland Elementary School 340328N 0895504W
Oakland Female School (historical) Unknown Unknown
Oakland High School 340324N 0895504W
Oakland Male and Female Academy (historical) Unknown Unknown
Oakland Male School (historical) Unknown Unknown
Organ School 335536N 0894711W
O'Tuckalofa School (historical) 340909N 0893314W
Penman School 335906N 0894527W
Persimmon Hill School 340737N 0895450W
Pine Valley School 340358N 0893258W
Preston School 335606N 0895435W
Roberson School 340655N 0895139W
Shiloh School (historical) 340200N 0894204W
Spearman School (historical) Unknown Unknown
Sylva Rena School (historical) 340727N 0894347W
Tillatoba Academy (historical) Unknown Unknown
Walthall High School (historical) 335740N 0894551W
Water Valley Elementary School 340902N 0893734W
Water Valley High School 340926N 0893829W
Yalobusha Academy 340133N 0894048W
Yalobusha County Agricultural High School (historical) Unknown Unknown